Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plum the Panda is Alive and Well!

Last month, I purchased a pattern to knit a Panda for my daughter, Sarah. She loves Pandas and since I can rarely find her one at the store that she likes, I decided to make one myself. It took a little time as I have never knitted a toy before and I wasn't sure what the endeavor would take to complete. As I knitted each part, the Panda began to take shape and Sarah would be excited because she knew her Panda would soon be hers to play with. I spent all day yesterday and at 8:30 PM, Plum, the name Sarah chose for her, was finished.
Sarah has held on to her tightly since she got her last night so I got these pictures while she's napping. Sometimes Mommys have to be stealthy and resourceful. I am very proud of my work and Sarah's happiness made the entire project worthwhile.



  1. Patty...she's wonderful. I love her. You've made a great job of creating the perfect little panda for your daughter and I'm not surprised your little girl is reluctant to let her go. Just look at that smiling face! So pleased you are a new knitter who has persevered and made something special. I truly hope you make more toys and maybe one day teach your daughter to knit also. Best wishes from the dollytime gang.