Saturday, December 26, 2009


I love the holidays and Christmas is perhaps the most awesome example of family, love and celebration. This year I celebrated Christmas over the course of two days. Christmas Eve, Mom came to our house for a day of baking, dinner and gift exchange. The kids opened each gift with the excitement and anticipation that is only present in the innocence of childhood. Each gift was received with smiles and laughter that made my heart swell with happiness. Our family dinner was filled with a closeness that made every moment seem like an eternity of blissful feelings. The evening ended with a joy that I have not felt in a long time.

Christmas Day, we traveled to Jason's parents house in the hometown where he and I grew up and though the celebration was small, the same bliss and joy experienced on the previous night was present and all seemed perfect. I visited my uncle's house, spent last night with my cousin and her family and look forward to a family BBQ this afternoon. Just when I think that life can't get any more perfect, it does.

Such magic can only be found in perfect holidays like Christmas.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend...A Time For Family.

Following our wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner last Thursday, Jason, the kids, and I headed up to our hometown to see more members of our large families. My father, Uncle Horace, cousin Jennie Sue and a friend, Deanna, traveled down to South Texas from Indiana following my Uncle Donald's heart attack early last week. Thankfully, Uncle Donald has recovered and left the hospital on Wednesday. Even though the trip was impromptu, it brought us all together. Jason's family was also well represented by his parents and Aunt Dessa. On Friday, my three cousins, Tami, Jennifer, Jennie Sue and I went out for the evening. Guided by my father, we went to a club that my dad frequented for nearly 20 years. We sat around a table, told stories and laughed the night away. I really needed the night out. It's been so long and Jason graciously took the children to his parents' house so that I could have be free to enjoy the evening. Saturday morning, Tami, Jennifer and I took our kids (7 total!) to the zoo and had such a great time. The kids were so happy, as was I and we hated that we had to leave that afternoon.

Thankfully, Jason, the kids and I are heading up that way for Christmas and I am sure that we will have a great time then as well.